DEMONS – Book One

Cassie knows there’s more to Jase than just his money and his family name. Jase knows there’s more to Cassie than just being a mother to her twins. But the demons they carry from past relationships continuously get in the way, until the unexpected happens…


Jason “Jase” MacLane grew up surrounded by money. Being half of Anderson-MacLane Industries had its privileges and provided a rather comfortable life for Jase and his siblings. Sure his family worked hard for that money, but to the opposite sex, that’s what made Jase so damn attractive. His luck with women, and love, sucked. It took a few ex-girlfriends, and one cheating ex-wife, to cement the idea that he’d never be worth more to a woman than the amount of money he had in his bank account.

Cassandra “Cassie” Middleton grew up in a working class family, surrounded by more love than money. When her parents died, Cassie stepped in and took care of her teenage sister, while putting her own life on hold. It took one selfish ex-boyfriend, and one distant ex-husband, to prove to her that she was better suited for the role of caregiver and mother than for what she wanted most – to be desired and loved for who she was, rather than for what she did.

When Cassie buys the old Potts Farm out from under Jase, the compost hits the fan, and then the sparks fly. Cassie sees Jase as more than a means to financial security, and Jase sees Cassie as more than a mom and a provider. However, the demons from their past relationships prevent them from seeing themselves for who they really are. It will take trust, perseverance, one hell of a wild ride, and the willingness to risk it all, just one more time, to find the love they both deserve. Sometimes, you just need to find the right person to help you drive out your demons…

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Demons: Jase & Cassie (The MacLanes)